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Large Child Safety Bundle - Cabinet, door, outlet, stove, and furniture safety

Large Child Safety Bundle - Cabinet, door, outlet, stove, and furniture safety

Choose Jool Baby's ultimate child safety bundle and turn your home into a child-friendly and child-safe environment. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your child is safe from danger and your possessions are secure from harmful tampering.


Bundle includes: 4 Sliding Cabinet Locks, 4 Child safety Strap Locks, 32 Outlet Covers, 5 Stove Knob Covers, 24 Corner Guards, 4 Door Knob Covers, and 6 Door pinch Guards.


  • Sliding Cabinet Locks - Child Safety Made Simple: Our baby safety U locks are the simplest and most convenient way to babyproof cabinets in your home!

  • Child Safety Strap Locks - Adjustable straps are a favorite for childproofing fridges, cabinets, drawers, ovens, washer machines, toilets, closets, waste bins, etc.

  • Outlet Covers - Protect your baby from dangerous electric shock. Outlet covers prevent children from tampering with and placing objects in unused outlets. These covers double as a socket sealer to prevent cold drafts in the winter.

  • Stove Knob Covers - Strong, hinged clear lids ensure a tamper-resistant seal on your oven knobs while allowing for easy adult bypass. Durable and heat resistant. Easy to install and remove.

  • Corner Guards - Prevent injuries from sharp corners of tables, desks, or any home furniture. Our safety corner bumpers are made with the strongest adhesive, made to last and not pose a choking hazard.

  • Door Knob Covers - Deter children from opening doors, wandering, or getting locked in a room with our secure doorknob cover.

  • Door Pinch Guards - Prevent doors from closing and locking in your curious child and pet. Made from soft EVA foam.

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