Jool Baby Potty Training Chair With Handles

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Join millions of satisfied parents and let Jool Baby enhance you and your little one’s toilet training experience. Our uniquely designed potty chair’s real toilet shape and design will make your kiddos feel like an adult, and will have them running back for more!
Maintaining your child's confidence is key during the toilet training process. The conveniently positioned handles give your child the stability he or she needs to feel comfortable while training.
Easy Maintenance:
​Featuring a slide-out bowl, cleaning this potty chair is incredibly easy, and hygienic too. Simply remove, empty into your home toilet, and return. If necessary, use a simple moist wipe to clear away stains or residue and you're all set!
Splash guard:
Need to change your shirt after every bathroom visit with your kid?! Keep you and your bathroom clean while your kiddo learns the ropes. This highly effective splash guard was designed to keep it all where it belongs.
Designed to blend unobtrusively in any bathroom, this potty features an aqua and white design, perfect for both boys and girls!


Jool Baby Potty Training Chair With Handles

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