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25 Pack EZ Breezy Kids Disposable Face Masks - Perfect Size for Children (Pink, 4-12 Years)

25 Pack EZ Breezy Kids Disposable Face Masks - Perfect Size for Children (Pink, 4-12 Years)

  • Adorable disposable pink masks with red hearts your little girl will fall in love with.
  • Perfect size for children, specific dimensions chosen after extensive real-life trials.
  • Breathable and soft fabric won’t irritate skin, and super-soft ear loops keep the strain off the ears, keeping your kiddo comfortable and happy.
  • High-performance 3-layer protection filters dust and pollen. Flexible metallic band on nose area ensures a snug and custom fit to each face.
  • Jool Baby satisfaction guarantee. Join millions of satisfied Jool Baby customers.

Our newly designed children's masks

Wearing a mask can be bothersome for adults; for children, it can be unmanageable. Recently added to our line of childcare essentials, Jool Baby's masks provide a great option for keeping your children happy and comfortable while staying safe as well. Designed with children in mind, our masks will provide parents with peace of mind knowing their children are cared for. This option for boys features a light blue background spotted with white stars - a fun design your little guy will love. 


Give your child the gift of fresh and clean air with Jool Baby's high quality masks. Our 3-layer design offers high level filtering which helps protect from dust, pollen, and debris. Fit In order to create the best fitting and highest quality product for your children, Jool Baby conducted a series of live trials, testing various size options to determine the most comfortable and appropriate fit. When Jool Baby does it, we do it right. 


Tired listening to complaints about uncomfortable, itchy, and irritating masks? Our mask was created with your child's comfort in mind. Soft fabric that won't irritate skin, and thin enough to enable comfortable breathing, this mask will keep your kids smiling. Plus, extra soft ear loops protect ears from getting strained. The whining stops here. Comfort and flexibility are key to keep your child smiling. The upper edge of our masks features an internal metallic band that bends easily, molding to your child's nose. Not too tough as to cause strain, but firm enough to maintain its shape, this feature will ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

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