Sugar Cookies & Mr. Independent

Sugar Cookies & Mr. Independent

I was recently going through photos on my phone from this past Christmas. I came across a series of them that I will never forget. During that time, I had found myself reminiscing about my favorite memories that I had growing up around the holidays. At the center of all of them was baking sugar cookies. I would spend a day in the kitchen with my mom and we would turn out dozens of them in various shapes and sizes, all frosted and sprinkled to every inch of their existence.

Although in my memories I was older than my son currently is, I still thought it might be nice to try to recreate some of those special moments in my own home. I bought a bunch of cookie cutters, a variety of sprinkles and even splurged on matching Mother-Son aprons and a toddler step stool from Jool Baby. I was ready to go.

I decided to devote an entire Saturday to the cookie making fun. My tiny sidekick and I were up early and after we enjoyed our morning milk and coffee (him having the milk, and me the coffee), we got started. My son was, and still is, going through an independent stage, everything being: “I do it!” So it shouldn’t have been a surprise to me when, as I was beating the eggs, he took it upon himself to run to the cupboard and get the flour. Except the flour was slightly open from before and he ended up dumping it all over himself and the floor.

A quick bath and a mop job later, we were back in business. That is, until it was time to cut out the shapes. As I went to grab the rolling pin from the drawer, I immediately pushed it shut behind me. What I didn’t know is that my little guy saw the sprinkles in the same drawer and had gone to grab some. When he went to shut the drawer – on his own, of course - he got his finger caught and instantly started crying. I felt horrible.

After some snuggles and a popsicle, he still wasn’t feeling up to cookie baking. And who could blame him? I set him up with some cartoons in the living room and went on to finish up in the kitchen. As I was sliding the first batch into the oven, I heard some odd noises coming from the living room. When I went to check on what it was, what did I see? My son, having seen Santa Claus come onto the TV, had opened all the drawers on the entertainment center and was using them as steps to climb up to the TV and  “hug Santa”. Nevermind that this child would have nothing to do with him after mommy paid for the pricey photo package with the guy in red at the mall, he was all about being close to him in our living room.

Needless to say, my nerves were fried. While the timer ticked away on the oven, I went straight to my computer and typed in Jool Baby Products. To solve any future flour dumping incidents, I placed an order for some Sliding Cabinet Locks. Next year, getting the flour can be done by Mr. Independent, but on mommy’s timeline and with copious supervision. Then I added Child Proof Cabinet/Drawer Locks so that we won’t have any finger injuries the next time he goes for the sprinkles. Before I checked out, I put a pack of Child Safety Straps in with my order. If my son decided to try to hug Santa on the TV again during the holiday season, at least he wouldn’t be able to open the drawers to create steps.

As for me? I enjoyed the sugar cookies with a nice glass of wine. We’ll try a Mother-Son baking day again … next year.

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