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Sliding Cabinet Locks

Sliding Cabinet Locks

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  • A must-have for parents and pet owners, these strong and reliable locks will secure your cabinets and prevent dangerous tampering by children and pets.
  • These versatile locks are compatible with knobs, handles, and doors, up to 5" apart.
  • Tamper resistant for children and pets, yet easily bypassed by adults.
  • Durable and sturdy design - built to last.



Does your rambunctious little one love emptying cabinets and making messes? Jool’s sliding cabinet locks will turn your home into a child-safe environment, and keep your little one out of harm’s way. These locks secure cabinets, preventing access from both children and pets, but provide an easy bypass for adults. Use these locks to keep your kiddos out of your kitchen pantry, tool closet, and cleaning supplies areas. Compatible with knobs or handles up to 5 inches apart, these versatile locks are durable and reliable, providing the perfect cabinet locking solution for parents. Choose Jool’s Sliding Cabinet Locks to protect your little one, and treat yourself to some peace of mind, too!

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