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Real Feel Potty Chair

Real Feel Potty Chair

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  • This real-feel potty imitates a real flushing sound and cheers for your kiddo too! The cushioned seat and soft aqua color make this seat inviting for both boys and girls, and the built-in splash guard ensures cleanliness.
  • Removable seat doubles as an independent training seat, compatible with most standard toilets.
  • Keep your potty clean and odor-free with custom fit liners and make cleanup a breeze too! 5 free liners included. The inner bowl can be removed easily for quick cleaning as well.
  • Spacious baby wipe compartment and extendable rod for toilet paper make this a favorite for parents. Non-slip grips keep the potty secure, and the light and compact design allows for easy transport.



Bribes, incentives, and coaxing not working? Is your child stressed and uncomfortable with toilet training? It’s time to up your game. The Real-Feel potty was designed to make toilet training a smooth and easy experience for you and your little one. With the look and feel of a real toilet, a virtual flushing experience, and a toilet paper rod, your child will feel like a grown-up right from the start. And when your youngster is ready to try an adult toilet, keep it familiar by using the removable potty seat on your standard home toilet. No more wailing and no more battles; watch your child fall in love with this fun and exciting addition to your bathroom. Incredibly easy assembly, clean and simple maintenance, built-in splash guard, and convenient baby wipe storage compartment are some of the features that will make this potty a favorite for parents as well. Try our supplementary baggies, custom fit for the bowl, for an even easier cleanup process. Let’s get your child through this rite of passage smoothly, happily, and quickly.

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