Playtime Safety For All

Playtime Safety For All

I redecorated my office recently.

It now has a nice Mickey Mouse motif, a child-sized kitchen and about 100 puzzle pieces strewn across the floor in what could possibly resemble an abstract art installation but is not.

Don’t be too jealous now!

In actuality, the holiday’s upped my son’s toy collection so much that mommy was forced to convert part of her office into a playroom in an effort to not have the entire house overrun by Elmo and Paw Patrol. It was only a matter of time before this happened, but I wasn’t prepared for it to happen so soon.

The tricky part is that I still need to use the space as well. I often work from home and need a designated area to store files and work on reports. Therefore, I can’t just move my desk and cabinets out of the room and 100% devote the space to my son’s entertainment. I decided that we were going to have to figure out how to cohabitate in the best way possible. The room needs to be appropriate and child safety focused for a toddler, but also accommodate my work needs as well.   

Since the concept of ground rules and having a common agreement went completely over my toddler’s head when I attempted to have the conversation, I was forced to take a different route. I decided that he could have free reign of the room, but my stuff needed to be off limits. Mommy won’t mess with your Hot Wheels if you don’t mess with her office supplies! I couldn’t do this alone – I needed back-up for sure. I went straight to my source, Jool Baby Products, and found the exact items I needed in no time at all. Outlet Covers were an obvious choice, can’t have the little man sticking a toy in those outlets while mommy is on a conference call. And I just love that they are clear – they match everything! Next I needed something to keep my cupboards and drawers closed. I landed on the Sliding Cabinet Locks and the Magnetic Drawer/Cabinet Locks. I especially love that the locks for the drawer can also be used for cabinets, so if I add more furniture in the future I can use these as well. AND they have a magnetic key that helps me open it up quickly. AND they install in seconds with an adhesive back. There is nothing a working mother loves more than easy, high-quality baby proofing. 

Having used Jool Baby plenty of times, I know that my items will be here quickly. Then I can get back on track with meeting deadlines from the comfort of my own home, with Baby Shark playing in the background and Duplo block creations decorating my desk. Motherhood at its finest!

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