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Electrical Outlet Plug Covers (32 Pack)

Electrical Outlet Plug Covers (32 Pack)

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  • Protect children from dangerous tampering and electrical hazards with Jool Baby's premium Outlet Covers
  • Ultra-clear discreet design conforms comfortably in any home environment
  • Incredibly simple installation - simply insert safety cap into unused outlet socket and press. Our plug protectors fit firmly into outlets to ensure maximum protection
  • These outlet covers can also be used to prevent cold drafts in the winter by sealing sockets



Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your curious toddler is protected while he or she searches, explores, and discovers. These outlet covers will protect your child from dangerous outlet tampering, inserting foreign objects into outlets, and electric shock. Incredibly simple operation for adults, yet tamper-resistant for kids, it’s no wonder our outlet covers have become a mom’s favorite. Featuring a transparent design, these discrete inserts will remain unnoticed while they protect your loved ones.

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