The Best Tale of Karma and Toilet Locks

The Best Tale of Karma and Toilet Locks

By happy customer, blogger, and mom of four, Kristyn Meyer.

Many of you are aware of the fact that I have an older child. Like, a much older child. As in the age gap of my children is 18 years between the oldest and the next.

Some of you are also aware that my older child has his own child, who will be turning three in just a few short months.

So yes, I have a 23-year-old son, 4-year-old daughter, 3-year-old grandchild and 2-year-old son.

I was so very blessed to get my oldest during the thick of his teen years. I say that so very sarcastically. He put me through the wringer. By the time the younger ones get to their teen years, I will be all set with the skills I have acquired. I am most likely at an expert level.


But what I love most right now is seeing karma at play for my dear son. You see, all the pain and anguish that he put me through is most definitely coming back his way in the form of his young son.

*cue creepy loud laughter here*

I received a call from my son one day. He was quite exasperated. Why you ask? Oh, because his son kept throwing his toys in the toilet.

And then a few weeks later, he threw them in the toilet and clogged it, causing it to overflow.

Then he developed his father’s favorite past time of slamming doors. Oh, how I don’t miss that at all.

And even though I am very much enjoying the karma show that I am experiencing, at some point I do have to play the role of caring and helpful mother.

So I gifted him the child safety strap lock from Jool Baby Products to clamp down the toilet. It’s multi-purpose, so it can act as a toilet lock but also be used to secure the snack cupboard, which he also likes to peruse quite frequently.

And then, because they do live in an apartment with neighbors who would rather not hear doors slam, I got him the door finger pinch guards, also from Jool. I actually have these in my house too. Because the weather has been nice out we have had our windows open, and our doors tend to slam shut when we have a nice breeze. I put these on the doors so that they don’t slam, and it’s kind of a sanity-saver. Especially at night. Ever had a door slam in the middle of the night? Holy cow, it’s enough to make you never want to sleep again.

So now I sit. And I wait. I already know that the products have made a big difference because I got a status update via text as soon as they got home and put them into action. So now I sit and wait to see what shenanigans the grandchild will come up with next.

Karma is a real thing, and it is oh so enjoyable.

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