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Door Finger Pinch Guard (6 Pack)

Door Finger Pinch Guard (6 Pack)

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  • Child Safety Door Pinch Guards are made from soft EVA foam, prevents the doors from closing on your curious child, baby, and even pets.
  • Prevent Injuries, stop doors from slamming & prevent child or pet from getting locked out.
  • Baby Proof your doors in seconds: Place the Pinch Guard on the side or on top of the door.
  • Soft EVA foam door stopper to prevent damage to your doors.



Looking for an easy and convenient way to childproof your home now that your toddler has started to open doors? The Door Pinch Guards by Jool Baby Products is the ideal way to prevent your doors from closing on your child and make sure that your little angel is safe and sound, even if you’re not in the same room all the time!

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