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Baby Bather

Baby Bather

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  • ERGONOMIC SHAPE & HEAD SUPPORT: Provides a supportive & comfortable seat for your baby during bath time, so you have a free hand.
  • THERMOMETER: The temperature indicator changes colors to let you know when the water is a comfortable temperature for baby (Baby Bather PLUS version only).
  • SOFT PLASTIC MATERIAL WITH MESH DESIGN: Promotes quick drying, helping prevent residue buildup.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT SURFACE & BASE: Keeps your infant from sliding while bathing; grips on base help prevent bath support from moving around.
  • BPA-free material. 20" (W) x 10.25" (H) x 14.25" (D) (51cm x 26cm x 36cm). Includes a 6-month manufacturer's warranty.



The Jool Baby infant bath support is a practical solution for bathing your baby in the bathtub or sink. It supports your baby in a comfortable position, freeing up your hand. The Baby Bather PLUS is the only baby bath support to feature a thermometer, so you know when the bath is at a good temperature for baby. It has a plastic mesh-designed surface so it never fills with water, giving you extra reassurance. It also dries quickly, helping prevent residue buildup. It’s compact and features a hang hole, making it easy to store and use again and again.

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