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Bath Rinser Cup - Blue

Bath Rinser Cup - Blue

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  • Jool Baby’s Bath Rinsing Cup is playful and kid-friendly - making bath time fun, exciting, and safe!
  • Made of a soft rubber material, preventing injury and promoting an enjoyable bath time experience
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle aids the development of your child’s fine motor skills
  • Water comes out in a wide and level flow
  • BPA Free



Bath Time! Who doesn’t love it? Jool Baby’s Bath Rinsing Cup is here to make that super special sudsy time even more splashy! Our soft textured cup helps to wash your kid in an enjoyable, stress-free manner. Say no to needless tear-inducing soap in the eyes! It’s practical, cheerful design is fun and safe, giving your child the (bath) time of their life. We at Jool Baby love making parenting easy. Secure, effective, and easy to use, our bathing products introduce a new level of assurance during bath time. All of Jool Baby’s kid-friendly products are of the highest quality, safety tested, and child secure.

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