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Electrical Outlet Cover Box (2 Pack)

Electrical Outlet Cover Box (2 Pack)

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  • Securely encase your wires while they are plugged in to avoid dangerous tampering by your little ones. Neutral design blends seamlessly with surroundings.
  • Incredibly simple and quick installation, requiring just a set of hands and a standard flathead screwdriver. Includes two outlet plates, accommodating both standard/duplex and decorator outlet varieties.
  • Easy release mechanism for adults. Choose the upper or lower access button to easily unlock.
  • Roomy compartment accommodates various plug sizes. Run wires through either top or bottom wire passage points.



Is your rambunctious little one pulling out the TV plug again? Unplugging your computer with all of that unsaved work? It may have been cute at first, but let’s face it, playing with outlets is dangerous. That’s why Jool Baby created the perfect solution with our Outlet Cover Box. Whereas simple outlet inserts keep outlets secure when not in use, this product provides protection even while outlets are being used. This meticulously designed outlet cover will not only prove to be a reliable, durable, and easy to use addition to your child-safe home environment, but will bring you peace of mind as well. Experience the Jool Baby difference and bring your parenting reality to the next level.

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