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Jool Baby Products Baby Wipe Warmer - Gray

Jool Baby Products Baby Wipe Warmer - Gray

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Sometimes all you need is a little warmth and a whole lotta love. The Jool Baby wipe warmer makes changing time more comfortable by taking the sting out of cold wipes. The soft light makes it perfect for changing diapers in the middle of the night. It also features a clear front window so you can see when the wipes need to be refilled. The wipe warmer is compatible with most standard wipes.

  • COMFY TEMPERATURE: Baby wipes warmer takes the chill out of cold wipes, helping your newborn or older infant feel more comfortable during diaper changes.
  • BUILT-IN NIGHTLIGHT: Allows you to see during nighttime changes, without startling your sleeping baby with a bright light.
  • CLEAR WINDOW: Lets you see when your wipe supply is low, so you never unexpectedly run out of wipes.
  • LOCKING LID: With soft seal keeps the moisture inside to help your wipes stay wet longer. The sliding lock prevents the lid from opening accidentally and losing moisture.
  • FITS MOST STANDARD WIPES: Holds up to 90 standard wipes. Continuous feed dispenses wipes one at a time. No need to add water; simply plug in to start warming up your wipes.

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