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Potty Liners

Potty Liners

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The Jool Baby Universal Potty Liners make cleanup after potty a breeze—whether at home or on the go. Compatible with most potty chairs and travel potty chairs, these liners have a super absorbent pad and tie closed tightly, containing all the mess. When done, simply remove and toss in the trash—no cleanup or chemicals required.

  • MAKES CLEANUP EASY: At home or on-the-go, disposable potty bags make cleaning the potty the easiest part of potty training.
  • ABSORBS LIQUID TO PREVENT LEAKING: Each liner has an attached absorbent pad that absorbs up to 5 fl oz (150 mL) of liquid. That's the average bladder capacity of a 3 year-old.
  • TIE HANDLES: Provide tight closure, keeping the contents inside the bag.
  • FITS MOST POTTIES: Large size & universal fit make these disposable liners compatible with most potty chairs & portable travel potty chairs.
  • INDIVIDUALLY FOLDED: Making it easy to grab one at a time--saving you time when your kids need to go.

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