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Jool Baby Stove Knob Covers 5-Pack

Jool Baby Stove Knob Covers 5-Pack

  • Jool Baby stove knob covers help prevent your child from turning stove and oven controls. Helps prevent accidents before they can happen. A hinged lid allows adults to easily open cover and use stove controls without removing the locks completely.
  • QUALITY SAFE MATERIAL: Strong and durable heat-resistant, Ensuring continuous child protection from all potential hazards.
  • BLENDS WITH HOME DECOR: NO MORE UGLY SAFETY PRODUCTS, Jool Baby stove knob covers are updated clear view design so that they are not an eyesore on your stove/oven in your beautiful home! 

Compatible with stove knobs up to 2.5" Diameter and 1.75" Height with a Bottom Hole Diameter of 1.35" (see images for reference). Does not work with stove knobs that are inset or less than three inches apart from the knob center. There must be at least 1.75" between the different stove knob center posts to be placed without interference. There should be at least 2" of clearance between the stove knob center posts and the top of the oven door.

Note: Stove Knob Covers are meant to be loose around the stove knob to prevent the knob from being turned. If you want to secure the knobs, please reach out to Jool Baby for an adhesive sticker kit for your stove knob covers.

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