Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

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Join millions of satisfied parents and let Jool Baby enhance you and your little one’s toilet training experience. Our uniquely designed potty seat fits naturally on most standard home toilet seats and will help your child get comfortable and familiar with your home toilet. Designed to blend comfortably into any environment, our potty seat features a kid-friendly aqua and white design that will make it a favorite for your little boy or girl.
Maintaining your child's confidence is key during the toilet training process. Our non-slip design ensures that your child stays in place while using the bathroom, ensuring comfort and security during training.
Easy Maintenance:
​Featuring a smooth, sleek surface, our training seat is incredibly easy to clean. Use a simple moist wipe to clear away stains or residue and you're all set!
Splash guard:
Need to change your shirt after every bathroom visit with your kid?! Keep you and your bathroom clean while your kiddo learns the ropes. This splash guard was designed to keep it all where it belongs.
Easy Storage:
Every mom knows you always need that training seat handy for last-minute bathroom runs. A damage-free adhesive hook is included for easy storage so you always know where your potty is.

Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

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